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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President

The monitoring of academic freedoms violations is aimed at retrieving the actual information about the situation on academic freedoms in Belarusian Higher Education Institutions. Monitoring is organized by the “Center for Development of Students’ Initiatives” (www.cdsi.by) and the Committee “Salidarnasc” (www.salidarnasc.org) within the Independent  Bologna Committee activity. The Monitoring is implemented by students and teachers in all regional centers of Belarus as well as the other cities, in which HEIs are present. Being adapted especially for Belarus, methodology of the international network “ScholarsatRisk” (http://scholarsatrisk.nyu.edu/) is used in the Monitoring.

The subjects of the Monitoring are:

  • academic rights and freedoms violations, civil and political rights and freedoms violations, educational rights and other rights connected to educational legislation violations, including  education institutions’ regulations, any kind of discriminations (racial, political, religious, gender);
  • violations in regard to academic community members (students, teachers, administration);
  • \violations from the side of other teachers, HEIs’ administration’s and governmental bodies’ representatives. Therefore not only academic freedoms, but also other rights and freedoms of academic community members are observed within the Monitoring.


The process of collecting information about violations is being held by the observers (students, teachers, HEIs administration’s members) in their HEIs as well as by collecting information from mass media or direct messages to the e-mail of the Monitoring. After the information about an academic freedom violation is being received, it is verified and specified by the Monitoring organizers and then transmitted to an expert group, which consists of lawyers and other experts in the field of education, for further investigation and classification.


The full report you can downloaded here (PDF).