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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President

Recommendations on education policy, principles of higher education management, Bologna instruments and social safeguards in the higher school together will open for Belarus the gates into the European Higher Education Area.


We do recognize that Belarusian higher education has some achievements in the implementation of structural reforms and the progress in the implementation of some Bologna tools. At the same time, we should note the lack of any positive changes in the law and practice of the implementation of fundamental European academic values. The institutional autonomy status, public participation in the higher education management or the ensuring of teachers’ and students’ academic freedom has not substantially changed since 2011. In some cases we even have to talk about the worsening situation and strengthening of academic repression in Belarusian universities. Thus, the reasons for the delay consideration of the current Belarusian applications are the same like four years ago. We do think that a road map should be developed by the collaborative work of all stakeholders. It should include approved time table of the implementation of European academic values in to the legislation and practice of education, as well as the obligations of official Belarusian side to fulfill them.

The Independent Bologna Committee devised amendments to the Education Code that would be the key indicators of the fulfilment of the Bologna requirements.

The full text:  PROPOSALS Road Map