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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President

On the December 9, 2014 the alternative report "BELARUSIAN HIGHER EDUCATION: READINESS TO EHEA ADMISSION" (2014) was presented by the Belarusian National Platform of EaP Civil Society Forum and Belarusian Independent Bologna Committee. The OBC experts concluded that Belarus higher education doesn’t meet the EHEA candidate selection criteria and that the "Road Map" aiming to modernize the higher education in Belarus should be developed and signed. 

Based on Belarusian Higher Education system analysis, the Independent Bologna Committee experts concluded the following:

- In spite of the fact that during the time since the previous attempt to join EHEA, Belarusian higher education made a number of steps towards reforming educational structure, implementing credit system, introducing changed into the national qualification system, we believe that in general the Belarus higher education doesn’t meet the candidate selection criteria.

- The official statements on intentions to reform higher education funding allocation system, to increase institutional autonomy and to establish  independent quality assurance agency as well as to involve students into higher education management  are not legally binding upon the HEIs.

- Higher education regulations and academic conditions reconfirm the administrative despotism in respect of students and faculty, academic and institutional freedom limitation.

- We are positive that Belarus admission to EHEA must be conditional and sealed by Belarus obligations and accountability to international community concerting higher education system reform in accordance with EHEA values, objectives and policy. These obligations must be signed off in jointly developed by Belarusian and European experts "Road Map" aiming to modernize the higher education in Belarus.