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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President

Recommendations on education policy, principles of higher education management, Bologna instruments and social safeguards in the higher school together will open for Belarus the gates into the European Higher Education Area.

On the December 9, 2014 the alternative report "BELARUSIAN HIGHER EDUCATION: READINESS TO EHEA ADMISSION" (2014) was presented by the Belarusian National Platform of EaP Civil Society Forum and Belarusian Independent Bologna Committee. The OBC experts concluded that Belarus higher education doesn’t meet the EHEA candidate selection criteria and that the "Road Map" aiming to modernize the higher education in Belarus should be developed and signed. 

The students’ academic freedom violation monitoring aims to receive up-to-date and real information on the situation with Belarus Higher Education Institutions adherence to fundamental students rights and their academic freedom within the framework of cooperation between Belarusian Independent Bologna Committee, Youth Union Group “StudentskaRada” and International Consortium “EuroBelarus”.

The aspiration to follow in Russia’s tracks means that Belarusian managers are unable to come out with their own innovative solutions based on international experience.

Reviews of “Recommendations for improving the legal framework of higher school in Belarus according to the requirements for Bologna club candidates”